Tons of Teens Turn to Tea for Taste and Tradition

There are numerous reasons that people drink tea. Relaxation, tradition, ceremony, taste, for a caffeine kick, and many people simply aren’t fans of the taste of coffee. With teas, there are so many different varieties and types of tea that there’s something for everyone. For others, it’s

So You Love Working With Computers?

So you’re a computer nerd, huh?  You grew up tinkering around with computer games and the internet and picked up quite a few special skills.  Now you’re wondering if there is a career where you can put your unique talents to work and make some money while

What a Girl Wants (At Her Wedding!)

The eternal question every man wants answered is “What do women want?”  Because some can’t answer that question, they never get to the deeper question that is “What do women want at their wedding ceremony?”  We’re here to answer that question. What does a girl expect for

Feeling SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder

SAD is the acronym for Season Affective Disorder. SAD occurs when there is limited exposure to sunlight, which is common during the winter. For some, SAD may only strike for a few days here or there, while others struggle with SAD throughout the winter season. Studies now

Helping Your Buddy Out

- Your friend has something to tell you, and it's something big:I'm gay.Do you know what to do?Thank your friend for being open with you, and congratulate yourself for being there for her or him.Understand that their coming out to you is a HUGE compliment

Help! I Feel Like a Klutz!

- You know who they are. Thesuperheroes.They're the ones who make the game-saving throws, the ones who hit the dance floor and move with rhythm and grace, the ones who seem to be taller, better looking, stronger, and sexier than everyone else. And then

Health Homework

- Just when you thought you had all the homework you could handle,® brings you health homework! No need to moan and groan — health homework is more about life than it is about school. It's easy and empowering, and getting an A is

Hauled in for Hangin’ Out?

- It's Saturday night. You and some friends just caught a showing of the latest Julia Stiles flick downtown. You promised Mom you'd come straight home, so you separate from the group and start walking up Main Street. Suddenly, an unfamiliar car speeds up beside

Good Day Sunshine

- Summer — the time of year when school ends, beaches open, and tank tops are unburied from the bottoms of dresser drawers. With the perks of warm weather and ample free time, it's no wonder that many of us begin counting down the days

Is Your Honey Cheating On You?

- How does it feel to have someone you care about cheat on you? My friends say:It just about killed me.I've never felt so betrayed.I thought I'd puke.What Is Cheating?It depends. It's cheating if a partner defies the ground rules of the relationship. But there